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From Stability to Affinity

2bind – Service provider for biophysical analyses

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Studying protein folding and stability:

The nanoDSF is an excellent method to study the thermal stability of a target protein without modification of the protein and with free choice of buffers and detergents. We use the nanoDSF for several assay types e.g. stability screening assays, biophysical characterization assays, quality control assays and ligand screening assays. For more details on our nanoDSF services click here.

Characterization of molecular interactions:

The MicroScale Thermophoresis is applicable to all kinds of molecular interactions. It has been shown to be a valuable tool to quantify different binding parameters. In addition, aggregation, precipitation, and other sample related artifacts can be detected in real time. For more details on our MicroScale Thermophoresis services click here.

Production of chromatin templates and epigenetic analytical services:

To understand complex epigenetic regulation systems it is of special interest for scientists to have useful chromatin templates and sophisticated biophysical analytical capabilities. We offer the production of various chromatin templates. For more details on our epigenetic analytical services click here.

Additional services:

We also offer additional services around our core technologies nanoDSF and MicroScale Thermophoresis.