Customer Statements

Customer Statements

Philippe Verwaerde, President and CSO AlzProtect

“ We have been working with 2bind for now two years with great success. We have enjoyed the quality of service coupled to a great flexibility. Results always come with a pertinent scientific advice. 2bind’s technology allowed us to quickly assess target validation with dozens of proteins and helped us advance quickly on the subject”.


Dr. Martin Griessl, Senior Scientist, Lysando AG, Regensburg, Germany

“Lysando AG is a technological leader in the field of antimicrobial proteins, which are used to combat multidrug resistant bacteria. Central goals of our protein design and formulation are the correct folding and a high stability of these proteins. Next to CD spectroscopy, we use nanoDSF analyses performed by the experienced team of 2bind in order to gain insights into the desired protein parameters. Beside the fast realization and the low sample consumption, we are impressed by the great consistency of both methods. The highly reproducible nanoDSF data provided important information on the stability of our proteins under diverse buffer conditions.”


Mads Nørregaard-Madsen, Chief Innovation & Information Officer, Copenhagen, Denmark

Nuevolution_logo“Our company is constantly looking for innovations and improvements in drug discovery processes. The MicroScale Thermophoresis represents a novel method, which has proven well suited for the characterization of protein-small compound interactions in solution. We have worked with 2bind on several projects and we are very satisfied with the low sample consumption and the fast turnaround time. The MST experts at 2bind were successfully setting up various binding assays, stoichiometry assays, and competition assays and helped us to drive our science. We are looking forward to a continued collaboration.”


Prof. Dr. Ciara O’Sullivan, ICREA Research Professor, Nanobiotechnology & Bioanalysis Group, Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Spain

“We routinely use a variety of techniques to evaluate the interactions between aptamers and their cognitive targets and recently had an extremely positive experience of the services offered by 2bind for the microscale thermophoretic analysis of binding affinities. Not only was the amount of material required for the analysis extremely low, 2bind offered very valuable advice in assay design and definitely went the extra mile in elucidating optimal interaction conditions, with high quality, reliable data being produced in an extremely impressive turnaround time. The customer support was excellent, and we will definitely be using their service in the future, and it is a service I can highly recommend, not only to those working in the aptamer field, but in any area involving molecular interactions.”


Prof. Dr. Gunter Meister, Department of Biochemistry I, University of Regensburg, Germany

„One of the main topics in our lab is the characterisation of Protein-RNA interactions. As the MST technology is optimal for the analysis of these interactions, we decided to work closely with the MST experts at 2bind. We were very pleased with the fast progress of the projects and absolutely satisfied with the final data. The broad knowledge of the staff at 2bind and their excellent expertise in the MST technology, were the basis of our successful collaboration. We would highly recommend 2bind to other colleagues.”


Bill Jackson, Ph.D. President Base Pair Biotechnologies, Inc., Pearland, USA

“We have greatly enjoyed the expert services of 2bind as part of our validation in our custom aptamer development services. The low material consumption and all-solution-phase measurement offered by MST technology represents a great advantage over most of the other options for binding studies. Additionally, the expert staff scientists at 2bind have been willing to put in extra time and effort to optimize our aptamer studies as well as develop certain non-standard protocols specific for our studies. We look forward to continuing to work with 2bind.”


Dr. Beate Strehlitz, Helmholtz Centre for environmental research (UFZ), Leipzig, Germany

“Our research group at the Helmholtz Centre for environmental research (UFZ) is focusing on the development of aptamers for applications in environmental and food analytics. Aptamers serve as recognition elements in biosensors and assays to detect environmental pollutants. Our group possesses a longstanding expertise in the selection of aptamers mainly to small molecules and proteins. We characterize our aptamers in terms of binding affinity and selectivity using different state of the art technologies. The MST experts at 2bind supported us with MicroScale Thermophoresis analyses, which were performed in a fast and efficient manner. We were very satisfied with the high quality of the MST data, which nicely correlated with other biophysical approaches we routinely perform.”


Prof. Dr. Michael Rehli, Department of Haematology and Internal Oncology, University Hospital Regensburg, Germany

„With the help of 2bind and their superb analytical capabilities we were able to gain fundamental scientific insights. I am really satisfied with their customer support, speed, and quality of results and would definitely recommend their services.”


Prof. Dr. Klaus D. Grasser, Cell Biology & Plant Physiology, University of Regensburg, Germany

„The excellent service offered by 2bind allowed us to identify novel protein-nucleic acid interactions, that in the following could be validated convincingly by other experimental approaches. We enjoyed the pleasant and successful collaboration with 2bind.”