MicroScale Thermophoresis compatible dyes

Fluorescence dyes suitable for the MicroScale Thermophoresis assays

To perform fluorescence-based measurements, one of the binding partners has to be fluorescently labeled. This enables us to monitor the molecule and its movement in a temperature gradient. Either the marked molecule possesses a GFP/RFP like tag or a chemically linked fluorescent tag (Cy5, Alexa647, …).

We offer the labeling of your proteins.

The following dyes can be detected:

MicroScale Thermophoresis compatible dyes
FluorophorExcitation (nm)Emission (nm)
NT-495 (BLUE)493521
Fluorecein (FITC)495519
 Alexa488 495 519
 YFP 514 527
Alexa532 530 555
T AMRA 546 579
 Cy3 550 570
 RFP 555 584
 NT-547 (GREEN) 557 574
 Alexa546 560 672
 Cy5 649 670
 NT-647 (RED) 650 680
Alexa647 652 668