About us

2bind –  Service provider for biophysical analyses

The 2bind team is a highly motivated team of experts.

Our mission is to provide sophisticated biophysical analytical services to our customers.
2011 we started to offer MicroScale Thermophoresis services to characterize molecular interactions. We constantly increase our knowledge in this extraordinary technology and expand our assay formats to be able to offer highest information content to our customers. To guarantee to work under state of the art standards, our team frequently participates in and offers MST workshops and advanced trainings.

2015 we included the innovative nanoDSF technology in our portfolio. This method allows us to offer additional information on protein stability to our customers. Combining the two technologies, allows us to drive the scientific idea of our customers with many different basic information (from stability to affinty).

As a spin-off from the epigenetics lab of Prof. Dr. Gernot Längst, University of Regensburg, Germany, 2bind has a broad knowledge in epigenetics and in epigenetic tools. Therefore, we included an epigenetic toolbox to our service portfolio.

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