Company Profile

2bind-Provider for MicroScale Thermophoresis and nanoDSF servicesThe 2bind GmbH is a service provider in the field of biophysical analyses of molecular interactions with its headquarter in Regensburg, Germany. The company was founded in late 2011 by Prof. Dr. Gernot Längst (Biochemistry III, University of Regensburg, Germany) and a co-founder. Our customers are pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies as well as academic researchers.

Our customers have access to the long-standing experience of Prof. Dr. Längst and his group, being one of the first to apply MicroScale Thermophoresis (MST) technology in research (2009). We offer molecular interaction analyses based on the patented MicroScale Thermophoresis Technology by NanoTemper Technologies.

Furthermore, we offer nanoDSF analytical services to study protein folding and stabilty using the innovative nanoDSF technology by NanoTemper Technologies.

In addition, 2bind is a reliable partner for epigenetic studies, because as a spin-off from the epigenetic lab of Prof. Dr. Längst 2bind has a broad knowledge in epigenetics and in epigenetic tools.

More over, we offer additional services such as expression, purification, and labeling of proteins.

Work with the experts in MST, nanoDSF and Epigenetics!