Additional Services

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We offer a lot of additional services around our core technologies…


Additional analytical services:

    • Electrophoretic Mobility Shift Assay (EMSA)
    • Native gel electrophoresis
    • SDS PAGE

In vitro chromatin assembly:

  • in vitro Chromatin assembly (with recombinant human histones and native histones from Gallus gallus (highly related to native human histones))
  • mononucleosomes, dinucleosomes and arrays on defined DNA templates

Protein labeling service:

For some MicroScale Thermophoresis assays, it is necessary to label the target protein. Therefore, we offer to label your target protein with different chemical dyes (with different chemistries). Dyes and protocols are optimized for your MicroScale Thermophoresis assay.

Cloning, expression, and purification of proteins:

We are able to provide full service to our customers, ranging from synthesis of the expression clones to protein purification for MST assays. We provide the service level appropriate to your requirements.

Purchasing of sample material:

We offer to purchase your target molecule within the EU to avoid shipping costs or issues with customs.

Assistance with shipping and customs:

We offer to assist you with shipping and customs to minimize your efforts.